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Who Supports NGF

Golf Courses and Clubs

Thousands of the nation's golf facilities are NGF members in order to access our market intelligence and resources. Course owners and operators rely on NGF to keep them well-informed so they can make their smartest decisions.

Member Companies

Member companies and organizations representing every facet of the industry support the independent and objective work of the NGF:

  • Golf equipment and apparel companies
  • Golf media
  • Golf course developers and operators
  • Golf retailers
  • Turf equipment and supply companies
  • Companies offering specialized services to the golf industry
  • Thousands of private and public golf facilities
  • National governing bodies as well as regional, state and local golf associations

Executive Members

NGF's Executive members fund NGF's member organization with $5,250 annually and in return, they receive the highest level of service and access to published and unpublished data. NGF's Executive member roster is filled with the industry's most significant stakeholders from every industry segment. To see a list of NGF's Executive members, click here.

Board of Directors

NGF's Board of Directors is arguably the most prestigious of any in the industry. The board helps ensure that the organization delivers the best thinking in the game to its members. To view the list of directors, click here.

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