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Technology and Golf's Best Customer

  • Technology and Golf's Best Customer - 2018 Edition

    Changing and emerging technologies are affecting golf in many of the same ways they are influencing society at large. The National Golf Foundation's latest report takes a closer look at technology's role in the traditional game, from the equipment purchasing cycle and online tee times to game improvement, media consumption and social communities. This report includes profiles of golf's best customers and describes how they each engage with technology, whether that's connecting with golf businesses and brands on social media or using distance-measuring and stat-tracking devices. Learn More

    PDF: 2369 K / 12 pages
  • Core Golfers & Technology Report - 2011 Edition (Archive Report)

    This report represents NGF's third wave of profiling the Core golfers' use of technology. We heard from more than 650 Core golfers and the results allowed us to identify trends in golfers' growing involvement with devices, electronic communication, social media and Web 2.0's user-generated content. Want to know whether golfers would prefer to hear from your business through Facebook or by email? How many Core golfers download apps to their smartphones? What % of golfers' equipment/apparel spend is made online? These and many other key questions about golfers' engagement with technology are answered for you in our 2011 Tech Report. Learn More

    PDF: 2930 K / 8 pages
  • Core Golfers & Technology Presentation - 2011 Edition (Archive Report)

    This is a 36 page presentation that goes along with the Core Golfers & Technology Report. Learn More

    PPT: 2844 K / 36 pages
  • Technology Habits of Today's Core Golfer - 2010 Edition (Archive Report)

    As with the general population, golfers are joining online social networks, reading blogs on their PDAs, listening to podcasts, etc. But to what extent? This report profiles Core golfer use of technology, including what they do online, what electronic equipment they own, how they use it, and more. The study is based on a survey of over 500 Core golfers. Learn More

    PDF: 210 K / 35 pages
    PPT: 497 K / 35 pages

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