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Targeting Golf Consumers

Personalized Database Marketing NGF and Drive Marketing

Our unique program is proven to breakthrough the clutter and deliver better results than traditional direct mail and other "scatter-shot" media. Providing a higher return on your marketing dollars, it's an affordable and easy-to-execute program that features...

  • Personalization: We put your customer's name inside the designs. Our unique and personalized designs speak to the golfer's passion for the game, which sparks an emotional connection that influences his or her decision to schedule a tee time or inquire about club membership opportunities. Click here or on ad to view sample creative.

    Personalized for your customer Personalized for your customer

  • Customization: We showcase your course logo, photo and other information about your course (address, phone number, website, etc.). You choose a specific message or promotional offer to motivate the golfer to inquire about a tee time, membership or other offer. Click here or on ad to view sample creative.

    Customized for each Course or Club Customized for each Course or Club

  • Targeted Approach: Our program directly targets only qualified customers from NGF's golfer database using one-to-one communication. Learn More

    NGF Golf Demand Model Targeted Customers

  • Affordable and All-Inclusive: Our program is more cost-effective than other media plus we do ALL of the work for you! We develop the design, personalize the ad, prepare the golfer list, print the oversized postcards and deliver them through the Postal Service. Learn More

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National Golf Foundation and Drive Marketing

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