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Testimonials from PREVIOUS SymposiA

"A job well done with the Symposium. I thought the content was very helpful and applicable to the industry right now. Jeff Fromm was great and the other NGF presentations all complimented the overall theme and message."
- Director, Global Business Development, Troon Golf

"The conference in Philadelphia was excellent! In particular, I felt the presentation and information you shared during the first session was a new and very strategic way to look at our industry. The latent demand concept is something that is very important for our future, and it should form the basis of our strategic approach to making the game more "open" to new players. Thanks for hosting a great conference."
- President & CEO, True Temper


"The Symposium offered great information...and as only the NGF can. I think you really framed the millennial situation for golf...and gave it a needed context. Especially liked breaking down the age group into 3 segments. I'm curious now to see how you see the Project M Research piece working...finding out in more detail how to activate latent demand."
- Publisher, GOLF Magazine

"I want to reiterate how much I enjoyed this year's Symposium.....outstanding turn out of key influencers and decision makers in the industry.....great programming, especially, Joe, Greg, and Jeff's they say in show biz, always leaving them ‘wanting more' and you certainly gave them some great ‘thought starters' which will keep them coming back for more...well done...and thanks for giving me an opportunity to be part of it."
- President & CEO, Signature Group

"Wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation for a great Conference. I have attended many conferences over the last 25 years, apartment, hotels, self-storage, retail, golf etc., but this was efficient, right sized as far as attendance, content packed and well rounded. I thought last year's was good, but with the millennial information attached to the NGF grounded research it was cogent and prescient."  
- VP Investments, Leisure Investment Properties Group



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