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2012 NGF Golf Business Symposium

The Pre-season Intelligence Briefing for Golf's Business Leaders

NGF Golf Business Symposium - 2011 Chicago The 5th Annual NGF Golf Business Symposium returned to the Union League Club of Chicago in April 2012. The Symposium content was developed to provide a pre-season intelligence briefing for the leadership of the golf industry.  As with the previous four Symposia, original NGF content was balanced with outside speakers who contributed their own unique perspective to the challenges and opportunities facing our business.

Robert Reiss, Forbes columnist, host of The CEO Show, and author of an upcoming McGraw-Hill book entitled, "The Transformational CEO" was a speaker. Robert has interviewed more than 200 top CEOs and will be sharing examples illustrating what we all can learn from these top business leaders.  We were also fortunate to have two such CEOs joining us who spoke about subjects important to all of us (such as financial and investing trends impacting affluent consumers, and how to develop a culture of great service).  Rick Waddell, the Chairman & CEO of Northern Trust, shared his thoughts with our group as well as the recent CEO of Morton's - The Steakhouse, Chris Artinian.

In addition to NGF's annual State-of-the-Industry presentation which debuts each year at the Symposium, we reported the insights drawn from never-before-seen research that gave the attending leaders a different angle on today's golfer population.  Other presentations provided deeper understanding of those who've left the game and the millions of non-golfers interested in playing who aren't currently acting on it.

Guests also heard from two respected player development Champions (Mike Attara and Del Ratcliffe) who are doing many of the right things.  They have transformed their own golf operations and promoted the game in ways we know others can and should emulate.

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COCKTAIL RECEPTION AND DINNER: Wednesday, April 25th 6:00 PM

GENERAL SESSION: Thursday, April 26th 8:00 AM - 2:30 PM

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VENUE: The Union League Club of Chicago

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