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Products and Services

The National Golf Foundation, founded in 1936 and based in Jupiter, Fla., is the industry's knowledge leader on the U.S. golf economy. The NGF is best known as the golf industry's most trusted source of information and insights on the business of golf. NGF is a unique, objective and independent information resource, with multiple products and services dedicated to supporting all the people, companies, facilities and associations that earn their living in the golf business.

Golf Industry Databases

At the core of NGF's knowledge of the supply side of the golf business are its definitive databases of U.S. golf facilities, retailers, practice ranges, companies and golf industry professionals. These databases are the most comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date in the industry and are systematically verified and maintained by a team of professionals at NGF's Jupiter offices. Some of the areas tracked are openings/closures, transactions, courses under construction/ renovation and retail square footage. Changes to these databases and their content are analyzed periodically to reveal trends and also to identify areas worthy of further investigation.

Exclusive Golf Demand Model

NGF's extensive supply and demand data is mapped onto 209,000 U.S. census block group geographies using a software platform called Tactician. The Golf Demand Model incorporates demographic and lifestyle models with exclusive NGF data sets that include golf behavior, spending, travel and other metrics. The Golf Demand Model is a proprietary tool that has been used to great effect to optimize retail location selection, assess market potential, sales territory analysis, customer targeting and support decision-making. More Information

NGF Golf Business Symposium

The pre-eminent annual conference for golf's business leaders. The Symposium is a pre-season (post-Masters, pre-U.S. Open) educational conclave designed to provide timely insights on the state of the industry (the event is loosely modeled after the Davos World Economic Forum). To complement NGF's exclusive content, outside speakers are carefully chosen for their ability to enrich golf's business leaders on new trends that are likely to affect their businesses in the coming year. More than half of the attendees are the CEOs, Owners or Presidents of the most significant companies in golf. Non-Executive members pay $895 to attend. This is a single day event scheduled to allow attendees to get in, get educated, and get home in 24 hours. More Information

An online resource for sharing information, and best practices for the benefit of those who work in golf facility operations. Utilizing NGF's unparalleled relationships in the industry, an advisory board provides oversight of the content supplied by the leading experts in every job function, including course architects, facility managers, food & beverage, search consulting, turf management, procurement and strategic planning. "The Wiki" should be very helpful to golf facility professionals as they seek to acquire helpful guidance and solutions to their problems. Visit

Affiliate Partnerships

NGF has developed relationships with companies who offer expense-reduction and service benefits to our members. Other partners are pursued to provide additional value to members. More Information


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