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NGF Private Club Custom Data Report

"I am very impressed with the amount of relevant data NGF includes in this nicely packaged report. We already knew much about the market around Congressional, but the information provided valuable insights. I would recommend this private club report to any GM or owner who wanted reliable, independent data to inform their management and board decisions."
-- Jeffrey Kreafle, General Manager, Congressional Country Club

Market Intel Compiled exclusively for private clubs

Designed for private clubs, NGF's Private Club Report provides club owners and operators with a comprehensive demographic snapshot and golf supply/demand intel about the immediate trade area of the club (15-mile radius). The information is compiled from U.S. Census block-group data, NGF's proprietary golf data, and custom analysis by NGF experts.

With this report, club owners and operators will better understand their members, their market and their best opportunities to find new members.


This custom report includes:

• Zip code analyses that show member penetration and quantities of high-income households in all zip codes within a 15-mile radius.
• Current member residences plotted on two maps - one map shows household income by block group, the other map shows golfer density.
• NGF proprietary golf data, including number of golfers, number of golf courses, golfing households, rounds played, and more.
• A complete list of golf facilities in the area that shows the facility type (private, municipal, daily fee), number of holes and greens fee category.
• Household demographic and financial information of the residents within the primary trade area. Data includes population, education level, median age, unemployment rate, household income, average spending, spending on sport fees and more. 

Download sample report here

How it works:

Using GolfMAP, NGF's golf market analysis platform, our research team maps a 15-mile radius around the club and identifies the U.S. Census block groups within this area. GolfMAP pulls data from the Census and NGF's proprietary golf data sources to populate the important data points that every club owner or manager needs to know. Using a member address list you provide, our team plots your members' residences in the GolfMAP system and cross-references these addresses with a list of local zip codes. Our experts analyze all the data, assemble the various pieces and deliver it all to you in an easy-to-understand format. The whole process takes about 10 business days.

Order a custom Private Club Report for your club

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