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NGF Symposium

NGF Golf Business Symposium The pre-eminent annual conference for golf’s business leaders. The Symposium is a pre-season (post-Masters, pre-U.S. Open) educational conclave designed to provide timely insights on the state-of-the-industry (the event is loosely modeled after the Davos World Economic Forum). To complement NGF’s exclusive content, outside speakers are carefully chosen for their ability to enrich golf’s business leaders on new trends that are likely to affect their businesses in the coming year. More than half of the attendees are the CEOs, Owners or Presidents of the most significant companies in golf. Companies that support NGF at the Executive membership level each receive one complimentary pass to the event. Any others wishing to attend pay $995 per person if registered before April 15. This is a single day event scheduled to allow attendees to get in, get educated, and get home in 24 hours.

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