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NGF - The Golf Industry's Trade Association (Non-profit Membership Organization)

NGF delivers independent and objective market intelligence, insights and trends to support the best business decisions for its 4,000 members.

NGF conducts primary research, analyzes secondary data and then communicates the conclusions employing an unbiased point of view. The organization's published work is available exclusively to members via NGF's live responsive customer service, 24/7/365 at and also disseminated via The Q e-magazine (formerly NGF Dashboard). NGF's reporting areas include, but are not limited to:  golf participation, consumer spending, facility development, travel, retail and consumer confidence. NGF continually examines golf supply (counts, data and analysis of courses and facilities) and demand (number of golfers, segmentation, demographics and behavior) and provides timely information and trends that will impact golf businesses.

The NGF members who rely on our resources represent every facet of the industry:

  • Golf equipment and apparel companies
  • Golf course developers and operators
  • Golf retailers
  • Turf equipment and supply companies
  • Companies offering specialized services to the golf industry
  • Thousands of private and public golf facilities
  • National governing bodies as well as regional, state and local golf associations
  • Golf media

There are three levels of membership:  Facility ($250), Business ($550) and Executive ($5,500):

NGF Member Benefits

Facility ($250)

Literally thousands of U.S. golf facilities rely upon NGF member resources to ensure that they stay current on industry information and trends that affect their business.  If you are a decision-maker at a course or club, NGF membership will give you access to all of our published research, exclusive savings programs and 24/7/365 access to the best and most timely market intelligence at  The full members-only, password protected archive of reports is yours... and it includes information on golf participation, demographics, consumer spending and behavior (including junior, female and core golfers), golf course development, retail, facility operations profiles and much more.  If you are a decision-maker at a public, private, real estate, resort, military or university, this is the membership for you.  Golf facilities ranging from Augusta National to the YMCA of South Hampton Roads Junior Golf Course can all benefit from our resources (they're both members).

Facility Membership


Business ($550)

The types of businesses that operate in the golf industry are very diverse. NGF provides the best available market intelligence for: 1. Businesses that sell to consumers  2. Businesses that sell to golf facilities.

NGF supports the brands and people that manufacture everything from magnesium crowned drivers to 19th hole menus, from fairway mowers to fungicides, from tee markers to top dressing... and everything in between. Additionally, NGF has best-in-class resources for the specialized consultants and services that help move the golf business forward.  Regardless of the product or service you are marketing within the golf industry, if you believe that understanding the market and your customers better will improve your business, then we encourage you to join NGF and take advantage of our unique research and cost saving assets.

Business Membership


Executive ($5,500)

Represents the highest level of access to NGF's resources. Includes everything above, plus the full archive of unpublished data and NGF's research staff at their disposal. The majority of golf's most significant brands and course operators rely upon NGF Elite membership to support their research needs with our highest priority, "on-call" service. The high-level NGF State-of-the-Industry Update is distributed only to this membership class. To see the current list of 100+ Business Executive brands click here. For additional information about the benefits of Executive membership, click here.

Executive Membership


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