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GolfMAP Annual License

The license provides unlimited use of the GolfMAP interface for an entire year. The system is easy to learn and navigate, and reports are easily exportable to Excel. The annual license is backed by NGF's superior customer support (both analytical and technical) and detailed user guides. Support typically begins with an interactive demo (refresher demos available upon request).

Among the many features of GolfMAP that licensees utilize to make critical decisions:

  • Proprietary NGF golf data, such as participation rates, number of golfing households, rounds played (facility-based), rounds potential (golfer-based and number of seasonal golfing households)
  • Ratios and indices for benchmark comparisons, including all important interaction of supply and demand equation/ratio (e.g., households per 18 holes by type and price point)
  • Estimate of market-specific latent demand for golf (number of interested non-golfers)
  • Expansive population demographics from Applied Geographic Solutions, including income, age, ethnicity and current population estimates with five-year projections
  • Complete listing of golf facilities, ranges, golf specialty retail stores, and sporting goods stores
  • Supply-side measures such as number of golf facilities by type/price point and per capita golf course supply (indexed against nation overall)
  • Courses in planning and under construction
  • New golf course development (and contraction) activity over the past 5- and 10-year periods
  • Mapping:
    • Demand side - Map key demand-related variables such as household income, rounds played, golfing households, participation rates, etc.
    • Supply side - Map golf facilities, ranges, retail stores, and sporting goods stores
  • Geocoding of customer / member addresses (can be overlaid on top of thematic maps to isolate where you should be targeting marketing efforts)
  • Estimated golf equipment spending by market (“buying power”)
  • Report outputs are seamlessly exportable to Excel
  • Traffic counts
  • Historical weather

Contact Greg Nathan or Ed Getherall at NGF to set up a system demo and to discuss how GolfMAP can help your business. or (561) 354-1622 or (561) 354-1650

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