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Golf Participation in the U.S.


  • Summary of Golf Participation in the U.S. 2018

    This one-page summary includes golf participation information from 2013 through 2017. The summary includes participation data for committed and non-committed golfer groups; demographic segments (age group, women, non-Caucasians); golfers who played for the first time (Beginners); and non-golfers who are very interested in playing golf now (Latent Demand).

    PDF: 3,274 K / 2 pages
  • Golf Participation in the U.S. 2018

    This year's survey of about 30,000 Americans showed a stable number of golfers, and numbers remained strong in several crucial areas: among committed golfers, beginning golfers and in the number of people interested in taking up the game. The report includes data on off-course only participation (individuals who played at driving ranges, entertainment venues such as Topgolf or indoor golf simulators). The report also includes detailed demographic info for the following segments:

        - All golfers
        - Passionate golfers
        - Golf Nuts
        - Casual/Recreational golfers
        - Committed golfers
        - Non-committed golfers
        - Women
        - Juniors
        - Beginners
        - Core golfers
        - Latent Demand (Non-golfers interested in playing golf)
        - Off-course Only Participants
        - Top states and metro areas for golf participation

    Golf Participation in the U.S. also includes rounds played data by various demographic segments, as well as U.S. regional profiles that include participation rates, number of golfers, average annual rounds played and total annual rounds played.

    PDF: 2,597 K / 22 pages

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