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Golf Market Analysis Platform

Custom Market Analytics - Anywhere in the U.S.

GolfMAP (Golf Market Analysis Platform) was developed by NGF so that consultants, appraisers, brokers, retailers, management companies and other golf businesses would have an accurate data-rich tool to help them evaluate factors such as location desirability, market strength, growth potential, and store / facility performance relative to the market. The multivariate platform delivers a high-level overview of key demographic variables/trends/ projections, as well as proprietary NGF golf supply and demand metrics. Data is available at user-defined custom geographies such as mileage radial, drive-time, county, CBSA, or state.

GolfMAP has several key advantages over other systems of its kind:

  • Location-based analytics can be executed at a very granular level, such as a U.S. Census Block (a neighborhood sized geography)
  • The platform is powered by NGF's proprietary Golf Demand Model*, which integrates the most recent golf participation research, golf course supply, and sophisticated demographic analysis to estimate golf demand in local markets
  • System is pre-populated with the NGF's gold standard databases of courses, retailers and practice ranges
  • Includes newest golf course, retail, and range supply updates (including openings and closures) available anywhere
  • Offers advanced functions such as thematic mapping and customer geocoding

*NGF's Demand Model integrates four years of golf participation data, local golf course supply, and Nielsen PRIZM, an industry-leading lifestyle segmentation system, to model the golf participation rates and rounds demanded by permanent households in the selected geographic markets.

Contact Greg Nathan or Ed Getherall at NGF to discuss your custom market analysis needs. or (561) 354-1622 or (561) 354-1650



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