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Golf Facility Consulting

Expertise in Golf Market Data, Golf Facility Consulting, and Economic Impact Analysis

NGF Consulting NGF Consulting, Inc., a subsidiary of the National Golf Foundation, was created in 1987 to offer expert and impartial consulting advice on golf facility projects. NGF Consulting provides operational, development, acquisition and marketing advisory services.

Experienced and Impartial

NGF Consulting has conducted more than 900 consulting assignments for a broad spectrum of golf businesses throughout the U.S., as well as Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, and South America. This vast experience is invaluable to our clients and forms the cornerstone of NGF Consulting's expertise and industry reputation.

NGF Consulting also brings a strong measure of impartiality. Neither NGF Consulting nor the National Golf Foundation is involved in the design, construction, or operation of golf facilities. As a result, our staff is free to advise clients against proceeding with a golf course project or to identify operational deficiencies that negatively affect the performance of the facility.


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To request more information, including specific project history information, please contact the Consulting Team or call 1.561.744.6006.


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