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Economic Impact Studies

As a complement to our market demand and feasibility study services, an economic impact analysis provided by NGF Consulting allows the client to understand and clearly quantify the expected economic impact derived from the construction and long-term operation of a golf course development project. Long-term investments such as golf facilities often require regulatory approvals at several levels. In some cases, the decision to approve a golf facility is in part based on its ability to strengthen the local economy. In these cases, the ability to demonstrate the impact that the proposed golf facility can have on the local economy is paramount to the decision making process.

In addition to measuring the economic impact expected from the development of an individual project, NGF Consulting has conducted economic analyses that are much broader in scope. For some clients we have quantified the total economic impact of the golf industry on the state's economy. These studies include a detailed analysis of the following measures of direct, indirect, and induced economic impacts:

  • Construction - wages, benefits, materials, supplies
  • Employment
  • Output - gross sales revenues
  • Wages - payroll and benefits to employees
  • Value-added - compensation of employees, plus business taxes and property income
  • State and Local Taxes - on income, sales, and property
  • Multiplier Effect - chain reaction that ensues when initial contributions for goods, services, and wages multiply as expenditures and personal income pass through the economy
  • Golf's Impact on Real Estate Values
  • Visitor Impacts - golf-related tourism

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