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American Golf Census

American Golf Census Click HereOne Powerful Tool To Grow Your Golfer Database

Successful golf businesses work hard at growing their customer prospect lists. They know who their customers and prospects are and how to reach them. Because of this, even in this challenging market, their businesses are growing... is yours?

The American Golf Census provides golf businesses with a powerful tool to register website visitors and grow their databases. The census appeals to golfer's love for the game, and incents them to register with golf's biggest sweepstakes ever. The goal of the American Golf Census is to improve the industry's marketing capabilities in order to stimulate rounds and spending at the local market level. The census also gives golfers the chance to support the game, simply by being counted, so policymakers will better understand how golf enhances the lives of millions of Americans from all walks of life.

Display the census logo on your website... capture otherwise anonymous web traffic

Chances are you know how many unique visitors your website attracts, but very little about those visitors. Simply display the census logo on your website and we'll send you complete information on every opt-in golfer registration tracked from your website.

SEND E-MAIL INVITES... enhance your existing database

If you want to further enhance your existing database, send an email inviting your customers to register for the census. It won't take them long or cost a thing, and the resulting registrations will provide you with more information about them such as their rounds played, average score, age, etc. And you'll be doing them a favor by giving them a chance to win over $100,000 in prizes including equipment from Taylor-Made, Callaway and Nike, dream vacations to Pebble Beach, Pinehurst, Scottland and Ireland, major championship tickets, and golf instruction at the ANNIKA Academy in Orlando, Florida.

NGF's matching offer

In addition to returning all of the opt-in registrations tracked from your promotional efforts, NGF will match every opt-in registration you generate with another one from the cooperative efforts of all industry participants - in other words, we'll double your list!

To request information on how to participate click here.

To visit the American Golf Census home page where golfers register to be counted click here.

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