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NGF Member Insurance Program

Get great insurance coverage with low cost premiums

Through our decades of work with golf courses and businesses large and small, we recognize that insurance is one of the largest fixed costs you carry each year. We also suspect that insurance may be the least understood component of your annual expenses.

NGF is now working with Insurance Office of America (IOA) to help golf courses get the best coverages and the best rates. We chose to work with IOA because they're one of the largest independent insurance brokers in America and they have the resources to find the best policy to fit your facility's unique circumstances. IOA also has two preferred Package Markets for those who qualify.

In addition to a first-rate insurance policy, IOA also offers RiskScore, an online tool that, within minutes, calculates and assigns a score based on certain risk parameters. The higher the score, the lower the risk… and the lower your payments. Watch the video to learn more.



We understand and appreciate the special relationship that often exists between a golf course owner their local insurance agent, but if you're not happy with the price you are paying for the coverage and service you are receiving, or would like to discreetly confirm that you are getting the best value from your current insurance, contact us to see if we can provide a better solution.

Please contact us at:

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