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The NGF is the most trusted and preeminent provider of golf market research, insights and direct marketing services for organizations that rely on accurate and timely information to support their businesses.

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  • Golf Industry Report: 2018 Edition

    Comprehensive state-of-industry overview of the business of golf and health of the game ...

  • Golf Participation in the U.S. - 2018 Edition

    A detailed profile of U.S. golfers in several segments including interested non-golfers...

  • Golf Facilities in the U.S. - 2018 Edition

    NGF's annual tally of U.S. golf course development and total golf supply. Includes openings, closures and construction data...

  • Technology and Golf's Best Customer - 2018

    Changing and emerging technologies are affecting golf in many of the same ways they are influencing society at large ...

  • Golf Travel in the U.S. - 2018

    Understanding the travel habits of golfers can help golf businesses capture more market share with this segment of golfers...

  • Off-Course Golf Specialty Retail Store Update 2018

    NGF’s annual update on off-course golf retail store supply tracks the changes in number of doors and square footage ...

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